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Account Seller Rules
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Prepare to sell accounts on Eldorado by learning about the account category seller rules. Breaking these rules can lead to your seller account getting suspended temporarily or permanently.
Make sure to also read: Seller Rules (All categories)
​General account section rules:

  • Selling non-full access or shared accounts is not allowed. You must provide full access to the account you are selling to protect buyers from accounts being recovered. This includes providing email access and any other relevant logins.

  • Accounts have a 5-day Tradeshield protection period for buyers. If an account stops working, gets banned or recovered during this period, the sale will be cancelled and a refund will be issued.

  • After the protection period ends, sellers can still be held liable. If an account you sold is recovered after the 5-day protection period, Eldorado will perform an investigation. If we find the seller to be at fault, you may need to refund the buyer and/or be suspended from Eldorado. To avoid suspension, make sure you communicate with buyers even after Tradeshield ends.

  • Sellers with a high rate of account recovery will be permanently banned.

  • Sellers are fully responsible for accounts that they sell. Reselling accounts is allowed, but you are liable for any problems.

  • Sellers must inform buyers clearly of any limitations for the account. For example, if you sell a game account where in-game purchases can only be made in a specific region (ie. Argentina steam account), you must include this in the description.

  • Once an account is sold, the seller should not make any attempt to log in, recover or otherwise use the account and any related logins, unless requested to do so by the buyer.

  • When a dispute is settled in favor of the buyer, sellers are allowed to recover and secure the account where that is possible.

  • Selling hacked, stolen, or otherwise illegally obtained accounts is not allowed.

  • For instant delivery accounts, the correct account details must be provided in the offer. We understand that sometimes accounts get sold on other sites, but if you provide bad details frequently, you may be suspended.

  • Sellers are not allowed to write misleading product descriptions or titles that may trick buyers into buying the product. For example, writing "Lifetime warranty for accounts", saying that the account is full access when it's not.

  • Sellers are allowed to list up to 5 duplicated listings of one offer. This does not apply to unique account offers and delivery offers with a duration of 5 minutes or longer as they can only be listed once.
    Note: if you wish to upload more accounts to one offer, you can use a feature "add additional account" when customizing your listing.

  • Sellers are prohibited from using duplicate keywords in their offer title.
    Example: Fortnite account/100 skins/IKONIK/IKONIK/IKONIK/IKONIK/IKONIK.

  • Posting listings that lack useful information or are uninformative is prohibited. This restriction applies to both offer titles and descriptions.


  • Your offer must clearly state what platforms the Fortnite account can be linked to (ex. Xbox + Playstation, PC + Playstation, etc.). By listing a platform, you guarantee that the buyer will be able to use the account on that platform.

  • You must clearly inform buyers about the risks involved, such as mentioning that they should not contact Epic Games support. If you fail to do so, you will be held responsible in a dispute.

  • If you are selling an account where it is not immediately possible to change the email - this must be included in the description. You must also provide full access to the linked email, as with all accounts.

  • If you choose to sell Fortnite accounts with Russian email domains, there is an increased risk of cancellations for problematic orders. This is a factor you should be aware of before listing these accounts on our website.


  • You must list accounts in the correct category. Example - Iron accounts only in the Iron category, and so on.

  • Rank listed must be current season rank.

  • You may not sell accounts which were leveled with cheats or other illegal software, to protect buyers from the risk of ban.

  • If you are uploading duplicated offers of Valorant accounts, please list them by ranks: iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, ascendant, immortal and radiant. You can upload up to 5 offers for one rank. For example: silver 1-3 accounts would be in silver range, and you can list up to 5 accounts with this rank.

GTA 5:

  • You must clearly state which platform (ie. Epic Games, Rockstar, PS5, etc.) the account is for.

  • You must also state which game version is included (Expanded and Enhanced, Regular, etc).

  • Selling FiveM accounts is allowed in this section, as long as buyers are clearly informed that GTA V is required to play.

  • If you are uploading duplicated offers of GTA 5 total assets accounts, please list them by total assets with at least 50 million difference.
    The 5 duplicate offer regulation still applies.

  • Effective March 20th: accounts with a significant amount of modifications made through duplication methods are seen as higher risk and are prohibited from selling on Eldorado, resulting in more frequent cancellations.

OSRS and RS3:

  • All account recovery information must be provided to the buyer including recovery questions, original email, old passwords, membership payment methods, whenever these details are applicable.

  • If an account has any bans or offenses, has been botted on, or has anything else that creates additional risk for the buyer - you must inform the buyer of this fact in the description.

Call of Duty:

  • You must clearly state which version of Call of Duty your account is for.

  • You must clearly state which platforms can be linked to the account.

  • Unlink any unnecessary login methods from the account, and provide full access to the logins for any currently linked login methods that are on the account at time of sale.

League of Legends

  • Accounts must be listed in the correct rank category.

  • Rank listed must be current season rank.

  • Any offenses made on the account must be listed in your offer.

  • Accounts with offensive, inappropriate usernames cannot be sold. In this case, the order will be cancelled.

  • If you are uploading duplicated offers of League of Legends smurf accounts, please list them by blue essence in these ranges: 20-40K BE, 41-60K BE, 61-80K BE, 81-100K BE and so on. You can upload up to 5 offers for one range. For example: in 40-60K BE range, you can upload accounts that have at least 40K BE, but you can only upload up to 5 offers for this section.

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