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Seller Rules
Updated over a week ago

Prepare to sell on Eldorado by learning about the seller rules. Breaking these rules can lead to your account getting suspended temporarily or permanently. These rules apply for all categories including Currency, Accounts, Boosting and Items.

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  • Sellers are required to deliver orders during the guaranteed delivery time. Sometimes mistakes happen and that is understood, but if you fail to deliver often or are consistently late with orders, your listing may be removed.

  • If an order will be late or only partially delivered, the buyer must agree to these changes. Partially delivering an order or missing the delivery time without agreement from the buyer may lead to the order being fully refunded if the buyer raises a dispute.

  • Do not mark an order as delivered until it is fully delivered. If you mark the order as delivered prematurely when none or only part of the delivery is completed, the buyer is eligible for a full refund in case of a dispute.

  • Any attempts to scam or defraud buyers will lead to a permanent ban. We have a zero-tolerance policy for scammers.

  • You can only communicate with buyers using the Eldorado chat system. Sharing outside contact information with buyers such as Discord, Skype, and etc is not allowed. The only exception is boosting orders where you play together with the buyer – you can use a voice chat tool for them.

  • You are not allowed to advertise other websites on Eldorado. This includes your own shops and websites, other game item marketplaces, and any other website.

  • All payments must be made through Eldorado. You are not allowed to discuss any form of outside payment with buyers.

  • Treat buyers with respect. Do not use any foul language, harass, threaten or otherwise insult your clients. Even in a dispute, you must remain professional.

  • If a buyer submits a dispute for an order, you must respond to it in a timely manner, or the buyer will automatically win the dispute. You must respond to account/boosting order disputes within 24 hours and provide proof or remedy the situation. For currency/item orders, please upload proof within 2 hours, if this is not done, buyer is eligible for a full refund. For WoW and WoWC gold orders delivered by mail, the best practice is to upload proof of delivery immediately after mailing the gold.

  • Buyer feedback will not be changed or removed. Any form of feedback manipulation such as fake orders or review bombing competitors will not be tolerated.

  • Demeaning or slandering other sellers without basis is not allowed.

  • Eldorado reserves the right to hold seller funds for up to 30 days if a seller is found to be involved in scamming or fraud. Funds will be used to repay victims. The remainder can then be withdrawn.

  • Lottery, raffle and random listings are prohibited (ie. 50% chance to get rare skin).

  • Sellers are not allowed to fully copy the product descriptions of other sellers. Your description must be original to some extent. Rule does not apply to smurf account offers.

  • Creating fake or unrealistically priced (ie. $99999) offers is not allowed.

  • You must list offers in the correct category and correct game. There is one exception - if you wish to create a dedicated boosting offer (ex. "Seller123's Fire Cape Service"), you are allowed to list it in the items section.

  • Sellers are not allowed to resell their services on our platform. For example, you cannot buy a boost from another seller on Eldorado and declare it as your own.

  • Sellers age. Sellers are required to be 18 years old or older to sell on Eldorado.

  • Sellers are not allowed to use multiple accounts on Eldorado without permission. If you are working with a team of people, you can share Eldorado login details with your partners.

  • Sellers are prohibited from delivering currency top-up orders using the Microsoft refund method. This method is considered a fraudulent activity and any sellers participating in this delivery process will be permanently suspended from our site.

  • Effective June 10th: avoid excessively repeating keywords and redundant information in your offer description and title. Both the description and title should be clear, concise, and relevant to the product or service you are offering.

  • Sellers are required to replace copyrighted images from game developers in their profile pictures and offers. Offers and profile pictures containing copyrighted content risk being deleted.

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