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Account Suspension
Updated over a week ago

If you break Eldorado's Terms of Service or Seller Rules, you will be suspended temporarily or permanently.

While suspended, you can still access existing orders, chat, and finish ongoing transactions. However, you will not be able to deposit funds, buy offers, withdraw funds, or list any offers for sale while your account is suspended.

Eldorado has a zero-tolerance policy for scamming and fraud. Any user involved in fraud, scams, chargebacks, or similar activity will be banned permanently with no exceptions.

Other offenses are considered on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the severity of your offense, you may receive anywhere from a 1-day suspension to a permanent ban.

Suspended users that have Eldorado balance can still receive their funds. If you are a seller with balance and your account is suspended - contact support live chat to arrange a withdrawal. In cases where a seller is involved in fraud, we may hold your funds for up to 30-60 days before allowing a withdrawal.

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