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Major update: Eldorado Customer Support
Major update: Eldorado Customer Support
Updated over a week ago

Effective: May 5th, at 5PM EST.

Eldorado's Customer Support team is evolving!

We're restructuring our team into two specialized branches: general support and dispute/warranty support. This strategic move is aimed at enhancing our ability to address your needs and provide you with even better service.

General Support:

Our general support team is dedicated to resolving your issues swiftly. Whether you're facing payment problems, have inquiries about your Eldorado account, or need assistance understanding how things work around here, our general support team has got you covered! We're optimizing our response times to deliver lightning-fast resolutions.

Please note that general support does not handle dispute or warranty investigations. For such matters, you can rely on our dedicated dispute team!

Dispute/Warranty Team:

Operating around the clock, our dispute team is committed to resolving your order issues and further improving the quality of our service. This specialized team focuses on meticulously reviewing and investigating cases, examining evidence to deliver optimal results for our customers. To reach our dispute team, simply use our chat widget to create a ticket detailing your case—that's it!

Our team typically responds within 12 hours, as we conduct thorough examinations of each case to provide precise answers and updates on the next steps.

Our team awaits! Contact us by clicking on the chat widget or by clicking on here!

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