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TradeShield (Selling)
Updated over a week ago

Eldorado TradeShield TradeShield protects all sellers from any attempted fraud and chargebacks. takes full responsibility for the entire selling and buying process in the Eldorado marketplace. All TradeShield features are completely free of charge and are in effect during every transaction.
If fraudulent payments or chargebacks are attempted, protects sellers by fulfilling payments to sellers regardless of dispute outcomes. Sellers will always receive their payments for in-game items. resolves disputes with third party payment providers without bringing users into the process.

Eldorado TradeShield Account Warranty

In order to protect our customers from account recovery fraud, we’ve placed a 5 day warranty policy for account sales, during which, should the buyer face any issues regarding loss or alteration of his recently purchased account, they would be able to dispute the purchase and resolve the issue with the seller or request a refund. Learn more about Account Warranty.

Find out how TradeShield protects buyers!

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