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How to sell?
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To start selling in Eldorado you must first introduce yourself. First, create your profile by signing up, verifying your email and creating a username. Then select "Verification" from the dropdown at the top right corner. You need to complete ID verification part and get approved by Eldorado Team to start selling.

Create Offer

1. Click "Sell" button in the top header (or in the dropdown on mobile).

2. You will have two options: create Offer using a standard way or import Offers from CSV file. Choose the standard way by selecting a game and clicking "Go".

3. Depending on a game, you will see different fields. They include Category, Environment and Attributes. Choose your inputs carefully depending on what you are selling and click "Continue".

4. Under Delivery section choose how quickly you can deliver what you are selling. Don't over promise here! Eldorado tracks each of your sales and calculates your average delivery times. If it exceeds what you are stating in your Offer, buyers will see this and choose other sellers instead.

5. Delivery Method is usually preselected, you can find out more about delivery methods here: Delivery methods

6. Description field is optional and is not needed in most cases unless you want to provide your buyers with additional information about your product.

7. In Quantity section specify how much you want to sell in total and what should be the minimum Order amount.

8. In Price section enter the price that buyers will see.

9. Volume Discount section is optional. Here you can give discounts to buyers that buy above certain amount of your product. This encourages buyers to buy more per purchase which increases your average Order value and should increase total revenue. You can specify as many different levels as you want.

10. In Fee section you will see the fees that Eldorado will take from each purchase.

11. Finally, tick the checkbox that you agree to Eldorado Terms of Service and click "Place Offer".

Congratulations! You have just made your first Offer.

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