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How to sell an account?
How to sell an account?
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In order to sell your in-game account, your Eldorado account must be verified. Make sure to put in the most important information about the account in your order title and as much information as possible in the description. You can select a delivery time and up to 5 images of the account as well. Afterwards you should input your asked price for the account. And place your offer.


If you have multiple identical accounts you want to sell, you can list them under one offer by using the "Multiple Accounts" feature. Simply click add more accounts, and the same offer will be active until all of your accounts are sold.


When your offer is purchased you should contact the buyer on our platform and arrange the transfer of the account, complete with providing the username, password and email as well as any necessary security question answers, should they be present, and any additional information.

Having done that, you should proceed to the “Account delivery confirmation” window and confirm that you’ve provided all the required information about the account. Should the buyer confirm delivery first, this step would be skipped and the order will be labeled as completed, otherwise please give the buyer up to 3 days to check the account and confirm it as delivered, after which (or sooner, should the buyer confirm delivery earlier) order will be labeled as completed. You will be credited the funds of the sale to your Eldorado balance after 5 days from the time of completion of the order as per our warranty policy.

Where and how to deliver account information when selling an account?

If you are not using instant delivery, you should deliver all the necessary account information within Eldorado chat which gives you access to highly secure and end-to-end encrypted communications with the buyer. Should the sale of the account necessitate a change of email, as in the cases where the account email is set, you should facilitate it by providing any necessary confirmation from the email in question.

What account information should be provided to the buyer?

You should provide the login username, password, email (if present), and any security questions answers (if present) and if there is an attached email to the account, you should provide the buyer email logins too. As we only allow to sell full access accounts.

Make sure, to turn on Desktop notifications for new orders and messages: How to turn on Desktop notifications

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