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How to sell boosting services?
How to sell boosting services?
Updated over a week ago

Note: In order to sell your boosting services, your account must be verified. Why do we require ID verification for selling boosting services.

You will be prompted to verify once you subscribe to boosting services. In order to start the subscription process, please check the steps below.

1. Go to Boosting Sell Page and find the games that you provide boosting services for.

2. Select all categories that you will provide boosting for. If you are not exactly sure what the category includes, it is better to select it so you don't miss out on requests.

3. Now you just need to wait for Buyers to submit their boosting requests. You will receive a chat notification in the top right corner when Buyer sends a request. You can also view all requests on Received requests page.

4. When you receive a request, open it and read Request Details section. If you are able to provide what's required, just click "Create Offer" button. Create an offer by specifying price and how long it will take for you to complete the service. If some request details are not clear, you can use the chat to communicate with Buyer before creating an offer.

5. Once Offer is placed, it will immediately appear on Buyer's request page. Buyer will be receiving Offers from all the sellers who are subscribed to that specific category. Buyer will then choose and buy the best Offer so make sure your price and delivery time are at the top of the list!


6. That's all you need to do. If Buyer buys your Offer, you will receive a message through chat and an email notification. You can then go to Order page and use the chat to ask Buyer for additional information to provide the service.

Tip: Make sure to turn on Desktop notifications for new orders and messages: How to turn on Desktop notifications

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