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How do I receive account information from seller?
How do I receive account information from seller?
Updated over a week ago

The seller will send you all the necessary information about the account and help facilitate the change of email of the account if one is present via Eldorado chat.
With instant account delivery, you will receive account login information above the chat window. You should receive the account login and password, as well as the login information for the account email, if one is linked.

After receiving the information:
1) Log in to the account and make sure the credentials work.
2) Check to see if the account has everything that was promised in the offer description.
3) Log in to the account email if one is linked.
4) Change the passwords for both the account and the email.
5) Enable two factor authentication on the game account and email for extra security.
If anything is wrong with the account: the credentials do not work, it is not as described, or you received an account that is not full access (ie. there is a linked email, but you didn't get the email logins) - communicate with the seller via order chat. The seller will help you resolve your issue. If the seller does not help, raise a dispute. Then, the Eldorado team will review your order and provide a refund if one is due.

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