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How do I receive my Order?
How do I receive my Order?
Updated over a week ago
  1. Open the dropdown menu by clicking on the top right corner.​

  2. Click "My Orders" in the dropdown menu.

  3. Make sure the "Purchased Orders" tab is selected. Click on your Order in the list below.

  4. In the Order page, you will see the order details and a Live Chat with the seller. Communicate directly with the seller through the chat to arrange the delivery. The exact mode of delivery will depend on the game and type of item. You may need to meet the seller in-game and trade, wait for an in-game mail, or another method. See Delivery methods for more details.

  5. When the item(s) or currency is in your hands, go back to Order page, click "Item Received" and leave feedback for the seller. If you encounter some issues while receiving your Order and cannot solve them with the seller, you have an option to ask the Eldorado Team for help by clicking "Raise a dispute" button.

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