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GTA 5 Sales Update - May 9th
GTA 5 Sales Update - May 9th
Updated over a week ago

Attention GTA Sellers:

Several important updates to the GTA 5 category will go live on Thursday, May 9th, 12:00 GMT.

The GTA 5 market has evolved significantly in the past year, bringing increased operational costs and challenges for both platforms and sellers. To adapt to the new market conditions, here is what will change:

1. GTA 5 Currency and GTA 5 Boosting categories will be removed. Only accounts will be tradeable on Eldorado.

2. Images can no longer be added to GTA 5 account offers. Please include all relevant details in the offer descriptions. Existing images will also be removed. This change may impact your API bots.

3. GTA 5 account sales fee will increase from 15% to 30%.

4. The TOS is being updated with additional prohibited behaviors.

We understand that these changes may require some adjustments on your end, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to improve the marketplace. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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