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How to buy items and game currency?
How to buy items and game currency?
Updated over a week ago
    1. Find the game you play and browse for available items or in-game currency.

    2. Once you click on a particular item or currency, we will automatically show you the best Offer from all the Sellers based on various factors like price and feedback. If quantity, price or delivery time does not suit you, always check other available Sellers below.

    3. Select Quantity that you would like to purchase.

    4. Click Checkout.

    5. On Summary page you will be asked to provide some extra information required for delivery like your character name. This depends on a particular game. Also, here you will be able to see payment summary:

  • Order Price.

  • Order Price after discount (if applicable).

  • Main balance deduction to cover Order Price. The remaining amount will be covered from this balance. If it is not sufficient, then additional Debit/Credit Card or other payment method payment will have to be made.

  • Payment fees. They will only apply if User does not have enough balance on Eldorado account and additional Debit/Credit Card or other payment method payments needs to be made.

  • What is left to pay from Debit/Credit Card or other payment method.

2. Click "Buy Now" or "Pay with credit card" (you will see different buttons depending on whether you have enough funds on your Eldorado account).

3. After completing the payment, you will be redirected to your Order. Also, you can always find your Orders under My Orders tab in the dropdown menu. See How to receive a purchased Order for further details.

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